bag packing

Thanks to Tesco Abbedale for allowing us in to store for the day to spread awareness and do some bag packing at the same time. We had lots of fun and raised over £800- incredible! Thank you to our supporters who worked tirelessly to pack peoples bags without squashing the bread & eggs, Alsop thank you to the wonderful customers and of coarse the Tesco staff who put up with.


There are so many of you that we would like to thank for all the amazing work you are doing to raise awareness and funds for The Eden Dora Trust. All of your fundraising from bake sales to flash mobs are truly inspiring. We would love to hear about what you have been doing, so please do send us in your photos or tweet us with what you have been.


Its great to see where all your Eden Dora Trust Teddies are and what they are doing. Here are a few pics that have been sent to us & tweeted about. From all over the globe, Australia, London, America, Italy, Russia, Poland, Canada so many cities & countries. Keep them coming in.  

Golf Day!

Our super patron Paul Wait organised a fantastic golf day on 24th July at Tudor Park Golf Club with the Guild Of Travel Management, after having The Eden Dora Trust as the chosen charity for their annual conference in Brussels! Both events raised an awesome amount of money and is so very much appreciated Thanks so much Paul for all that you do!  

Amazing Marathons

This Sunday two truly amazing people will be running the Virgin London Marathon wearing the Eden Dora Trust t-shirts. It has been so great to see photos of them out running in preparation for the weekend and we wish them all the luck in the world for the big day. We would like to say a massive thank-you to both Charlie Dark and Sarah Little. Last week we sent Sarah.

Fabulous funding!

  JUNE After a superb meeting with Louise from The Child Brain Injury Trust, chatting about lots of fab ideas we have to collaborate on, We are very happy to announce that we have agreed to another year of funding for the ‘Don’t Judge a Book’ workshop. This is a fabulous eye opener and great ‘hands on’ coarse for all professionals with a child in their care to learn a.

May time

10th May Thank you Jack & Jill School for choosing us as one of the 3 Charities that you wanted to raise funds & awareness for. Their annual Twickenham green annual May fair was a fantastic event, and so much fun was had by so many people, while raising funds too. Very happy to announce that our Family Fun Day will be on Sunday 13th September. There will be BBQ,.

Soul All-day!

Fantastic Soul all dayer was organised with all proceeds donated to us, amazing event and huge thanks to all the DJ’s & organisers who donated their time and expertise to raise some amazing funds for us

Family Fun Run

We are gutted to have to tell you that the family fun run is going to have to be postponed until further notice. Do not fear though, as we have already got the measuring wheel out and marked out the 3k route around Millhouses Park in Sheffield, so we will keep you up to date with when it will be happening. In the meantime, we are very much looking forward.


APRIL On April 12th Andy Forder, Amber Sheridan and Angela Burgin took to the streets of Yorkshire, completing the Yorkshire Marathon, raising money for The Eden Dora Trust. Huge congratulations to them, and a massive thank you from all of us. On the same day, but across the Channel, Liz Oldershaw once again pushed her own boundaries and ran the Paris Marathon wearing our t-shirt. WOW!!

Conferences don’t have to be boring- march

In March we went along to the Child Brain Injury Trust conference in Manchester. It was such a well-organised and interesting day. It was so great to meet so many new people and we were even able to meet some of the people that we had funded places for. It is great to see how the funding can actually help real people.

When Paul took the bear to Brussels

In March we met up with our lovely Patrons Paul Wait and Paul Dickov. Without our amazing patrons, we don’t know where we would be! Paul Wait took the opportunity to take the Eden Dora teddy bear on his trip to Brussels. He thoroughly enjoyed the Euro star! We would love to know where you have taken yours. Get in touch and send us some photos of where in  the.

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