Teacher’s Resource

The Encephalitis Society’s Guidance for Educational Professionals aims to help schools plan and implement the provisions needed for a child who has had Encephalitis, and know when additional advice and support is needed. It covers a wide range of needs and difficulties that may result from Encephalitis; based on the extensive experience of The Encephalitis Society in supporting the families of children affected by Encephalitis. Examples used throughout this guidance are from families’ and teachers’ own experience of Encephalitis, helping to illustrate relevant aspects of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and demonstrate good practice.


Regional Representative Volunteer from The Encephalitis Society, Chris Salter, had a key role in developing this resource having extensive experience within the Education sector as a teacher, psychologist and manager of education support services. She has many years of experience working with and advising on the needs of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities, and of leading a team of specialist support staff.


“The Encephalitis Society is delighted that the Eden Dora Trust is supporting us by signposting to our Education Resources, now with this new resource we can help more schools than ever before.”


Download the Encephalitis Society’s “Encephalitis, The Impact on Education” guidebook for Educational Professionals that The Eden Dora Trust funded here