Every bit of fundraising that our supporters and us do helps us to achieve our goal of raising awareness of what Childhood Encephalitis really is


The funds that you raise are crucial for children & families affected by Encephalitis and ABI – they don’t just allow us to fund the things listed below – but allows us to continue to be on hand 24/7 to help anyone who reaches out to us for support or information: we visit children and families anywhere in the UK in hospitals, at their homes, in schools, or simply at the other end of a phone call, whenever we are needed


We couldn’t do any of these things without your support.

Your donations are funding:


    Research          Education          Information          Support

Guidance for the Post-Discharge Rehabilitation of Children, Adolescents and Young Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

Launched 27th September 2018, funded by The Eden Dora Trust, and produced together with The IPBIS (International Pediatric Brain Injury Society), we have produced a ‘Toolbox’ that contains an overview of a wide range of tools and programmes available for use by health professionals across the world. This is an incredible step towards a future in which Children and Young People with an Acquired Brain Injury will have access to effective and thorough rehabilitation – worldwide.

    The majority of the Toolbox contents are free to use, with web addresses and/or contact details provided so that further information can be obtained. To access the Toolbox, you can click on this ToolBox Link

UCABI Workshops for Professionals

        Each year we fund desperately needed, hands-on workshops for all professionals that work with children with an Acquired Brain Injury. A key workshop that we fund, run by CBIT, takes place in every region in the UK: It’s a One Day Learning Workshop called “UCABI” (Understanding Childhood Acquired Brain Injury) aimed at helping any professionals – such as teachers – begin to truly understand a child with an ABI – and has been shown to be invaluably helpful and positive for both professionals, and the children they care for / work with.

If you feel that you or your organisation could benefit from this workshop, please click here to book your place

The Professional’s Handbook

        We have funded the production of an incredible guidebook for Children with Encephalitis that is designed specifically for professionals such as teachers, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists – to help them understand the effects that Encephalitis has on Children and their families. It’s a truly amazing and invaluable resource for Teachers, and is completely free – click here to download the Professional’s Handbook.

Handbook for Families

        We funded a guidebook by The Encephalitis Society designed for families that have a child with Encephalitis. It’s an essential book for parents of a child with Encephalitis. You can click here to download the Family’s Handbook

Residential Family Weekend

      Your donations allowed us to help fund a Residential Family Weekend (activities, care package, salaries, overheads – based on 30 young people +1 adult expenses) – For families / carers, younger children and siblings to all share their experiences and bond with one another. A weekend away like this is invaluable for children and families affected by Encephalitis, helping them to feel less isolated and alone.