An exciting, ground breaking new initiative – has now launched!

We are delighted that our incredibly exciting new initiative, funded by the Eden Dora Trust and produced collaboratively  with The Child Brain Injury Trust The ABI Aware School Award has now launched.

The prevalence of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is higher than you may think; a child can get a brain injury as a result of accidents or illnesses, such as childhood Encephalitis.

Most children affected by ABI return to mainstream education, as school is where the majority of re-learning takes place. This means it’s essential that educators are as well-prepared and well-equipped as possible to support these children and young people, so they can achieve their potential.

As parents are now able to choose which school they want their child to attend, they may well want to choose a school where they can be confident that their child’s needs can be fully understood, supported, and met.

This invaluable new initiative will work with schools and academies to help them develop their knowledge and understanding of ABI, allowing them to provide the best possible environment and educational setting for children with ABIs, and showing parents where the best possible choices for their child are.

We launched this vital initiative in April 2021, and if you would like more information on this amazing new project, please do not hesitate to contact us.