Here are some fun ideas for you to start your fundraising journey!

Here’s a link to our brilliant downloadable items to help you promote your event: Fundraising Downloads

Abba night

Or other group – organise a themed disco and charge for tickets.

• Abseil

Scale the dizzy heights of a local landmark or office block for sponsorship. Make sure you alert the press!

Afternoon Tea

Put the kettle on and get baking. Invite friends and family, neighbours and children. Entertain guests with raffles, auctions, tombolas and live music.

As New Sale

Ask everyone you know for unwanted belongings & hold a sale evening.


Auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales.


Fundraise the sophisticated way. Organise a themed ball with DJ or live music at a hotel/ nightclub. Charge for tickets and boost your totals with games and raffles.

Badge Making

Make badges to sell at a school stall, craft fair, or at the front reception desk at work, or just to friends, family, parents, and neighbours from your house!


Add music, football and rounders’ bats and make it a whole day’s event.

Beard Shave

If you have beard, get sponsored to shave it off for the Eden Dora Trust!

Beat the Goalie

Players pay to enter this game and they win a prize by scoring a goal. Ask businesses, supermarkets or even friends to donate prizes.

Book Sale

Sell old books, collected from everyone you know. Book dealers may buy leftover stock.

Bring and Buy

Bring items and buy items! Hold a raffle, tombola and cake stall to boost funds.

Car Boot Sale

Cash in your old belongings, or sell pitches. Raise more with bouncy castles, raffles, etc.

Car Wash

Nothing beats a car wash in the warm summer months.

Carol Singing

Organise groups of friends to go door-to-door singing carols at Christmas time. Make sure to carry your money collection boxes and leaflets to promote The Eden Dora Trust. Sell roasted chestnuts or honey-roasted nuts in little bags to boost sales.

Children’s Party

Organise children’s parties or activities.

Coffee Morning

It’s open house for the morning. Make extra with raffles, bring and buy sales and cake stalls.

Dress Down Day

Collect a donation for your colleagues to dress casual for the day.

Face Painting

This is a popular fair activity to organise at your next school fair or charity week.

Fancy Dress

Jazz up your event with a fancy dress contest. Charge entrance fee.

Garage Sale

Sell off all your unwanted belongings.

Halloween Party

Another excuse to dress up and party. Charge entrance fees and raise money trick or treating, or by Halloween games.

Jewellery Making

Another easy fundraiser for schools. Buy some beads and string and get students threading! Sell the products at markets or craft fairs or at school reception. Make sure to advertise well with plenty of posters.

Limbo Competition

How low can you go and how much money can you make from it! Provide food and drink at an extra cost and hold a sweepstake.

Litter Picking

Put together a group of people to go litter picking in the local area. Charge businesses and organisations to clean up their property.


Invite everyone you know to compete in traditional & silly sports. Charge entry.

Pancake Race

Get flipping on Shrove Tuesday. Charge teams to enter, and spectators to eat.

Paper Plane Race

A quick and easy fundraiser for children. Challenge them to make the best paper plane and award prizes for the one that wins. Charge a small entry fee.

Parachute Jump

Daredevils only. Get sponsored to take the plunge.


Pick a venue, a date, a theme… and party on. Sell tickets and charge for extras like food.

PlayStation/ Xbox Playoff

Charge entrants to compete on the most popular games. Offer prizes to the players who remain on top and crown the champion.

Quiet Time

Organise a school-wide sponsored silence for students and plan lessons which can be conducted silently. Alternatively, organise a sponsored silence for the teachers and get the students to sponsor them!

Rugby Tournament

Schedule fixtures and charge teams to enter. Ask local businesses for prizes. Sell raffle tickets to supporters to raise even more money. Spice it up a bit by asking your teams to play in fancy dress.

Sponsored Silence

Mum’s the word. Stay silent for as long as you can.

Sponsored Walk/Run/Jog/Bike Ride.


Get sponsored per length, mile, minute, hour…

Table Top Sale

Indoor variation on the car boot sale. Charge for table hire.

Toy Sale

This fundraiser is especially effective in the run up to Christmas. Don’t forget to put out your collections tins to raise even more money.

Variety Show

Put on a variety show at your school, brownies, scouts or work- Comedians, magicians, singers, dancers, and musicians all under one roof. Charge for tickets and walk around audience with collection tins to raise more money.

Whatever you decide to do to help will make a huge difference to children and families across the UK. Thank you!

With the current  COVID-19 measures, it’s not always possible at the moment to do a lot of the fundraising that you would normally do. If If you’d like to get some more ideas on how you can raise funds for the Eden Dora Trust virtually, please have a read of our Virtual Fundraising Ideas page here.