World Mental Health Day

On this year’s World Mental Health Day (and every day too!), it’s SO important to speak with your children about how they’re really feeling.
Anxiety, depression, lethargy, worry, loss of appetite, self-loathing – struggles with mental health can come in all different shapes and sizes, and sadly no one is exempt – including, and especially, children.
If you don’t already, it’s easy to start the chats with simple questions like:
‘What are you finding difficult right now?’
‘What is annoying you at the moment?’
‘Do you ever feel unhappy?’
‘Are people kind to you?’
‘Is anything worrying you?’
‘Are you really ok?’
If your child is open to it, then don’t forget a quick hug or reassuring touch can mean so much. If not, then simply knowing you’re there for them whenever is just as important.
Please check in with your children. It can be difficult, but it’s necessary.
Thank you.